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Ingredients & Production

Sure are! Our range is made from Almonds and Oats and is 100% plant based.

Yes, every product is certified vegan. 
Our drinks are produced in a plant-based-only factory and our Yogs and shots are produced in a factory that has FSSC 2200 Food Safety Certification to ensure no cross contamination of animal products. We also analyse the range using the ELISA kit to ensure they contain no animal ingredients and no animal additives or processing aids are used in the manufacturing process.

Our almond based range of yogurts alternatives, cultured shots and drinks contain NO lactose, soya or gluten – yay! Our oat drink is soya and lactose free but contains gluten due to the wholegrain oats.

Our almond drink and oat drink have no added sugar or sweeteners. Our yogurts alternatives and cultured shots contain sugar.

Our beleaf Almond Yogurt alternatives and Cultured shots are manufactured in Switzerland. Our beleaf Almond and Oat drinks are manufactured in Spain.

Our almonds are grown and produced exclusively in Spain, which is the ideal climate. Almonds need humid winters and hot, dry summers. We source our Almonds from farms that have been grown for many, many years which are much more environmentally friendly than the Californian variety.

To deliver the best tasting almond and oat products we ensure full traceability and control of our ingredients from the sourcing through to production. In our drinks factory we mill the wholegrain oats and almonds ourselves. During this process we cut the sugar strands, releasing the natural sweetness of the ingredients.  Our yogs and shots are produced after the paste, made using Spanish Almonds, is transported to our factory in Switzerland.

Our Almond and Oat drinks are treated with ultra-high temperature (UHT) to increase the shelf life. The nutritional elements are untouched, but bacteria is eliminated to make the products preservable until opening. 


Beleaf is suitable to eat during pregnancy and for anyone above the age of 24 months. If in any doubt as to what is OK to eat when pregnant or for babies under 12 months, please consult with your doctor.

Our beleaf drinks can be used for cooking and baking, and our yogs and shots are best suited to immediate consumption. If you're looking for some inspiration check out our recipe page!

Absolutely! Because of the high percentage of Oats in the Oat drink the natural fats mean it holds together when added to hot drinks. The Almond drink contains emulsifiers for the same outcome and the water and almonds don't separate. Both can be frothed if you're feeling fancy too!

Almond Yogurts and Cultured Shots should be kept cool in the fridge. Almond and Oat drinks are UHT so can be stored in the cupboard until you're ready to drink them, then refrigerate after opening.

In order not to reduce the quality of our products we recommend not to freeze them.


Our tetra-paks are made from bio-based materials which means they are exclusively made from plant-based cardboard and plastic. The paper comes from FSC-certified and controlled sources. Tetra-paks can be collected widely at recycling points, but you're best to check your local recycling options to see if it can be collected kerbside first.

We place huge importance on ensuring our packaging materials come from renewable resources so have a unique yogurt pot made from 80% paper. The pot has a layer of plastic on the inside to protect the yogurt. Unfortunately due to recent changes to recycling criteria this is no longer recyclable kerbside in the UK but we are working hard to find the best solution.

Both our small and big pot yogurts have a foil lid to protect the yogurt. The aluminium foil is recyclable but we recommend scrunching into a ball so it’s more heavy on the line. The plastic lid on the big pot is also recyclable PET plastic.’

Our shot bottle is made from PP (plastic) – which is a widely recycled material. The label is made from soft PET. To ensure the PP bottle is sorted into the correct stream, we do suggest removing the PET label so it is scanned correctly. The soft PET plastic is not recyclable and we are looking for a solution to improve this. The cardboard outer is made from recycled card, and is FSC certified.

Yes! We are huge supporters of the Forest Stewardship Council® to ensure all paper comes from responsibly managed and controlled forests.

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