About us

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In a nut shell...

We offer an innovative range of plant based products for everyone. For people who are vegan, and non-vegans and those in between. For people who want to try something new, those that fancy a change, and that deserve something better. Simply put: for everyone with great taste.

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What we stand for

We don't believe in either/or. We don't believe in this or that. We believe in ‘and’. In great taste AND 100% plant-based ingredients. Without having to make any compromises. And we hope to do so with a product selection of plant based products that exceeds expectations and delivers great quality, clean ingredients, minimal processing, sustainable packaging and most importantly – great taste.



We place great importance on ensuring sustainable packaging made from renewable sources and we’re working hard to continue to make improvements in our packaging choices. 

Yogs: Our packaging us uniquely made from 80% paper which emits 60% less CO2 than conventional yogurt pots. The plastic lid and foil are recyclable, however the paper pot is not yet recyclable in the UK. 

Drinks: The tetra pak uses paper that comes from FSC-certified and controlled sources, and can be disposed of in the waste.

Shots: Our shots bottles are made from PP, a recyclable plastic. Our cardboard cartons are made from recycled cardboard.

Almond trees


Our almonds are grown and processed in Spain. Almonds need humid winters and hot, dry summers to grow, making Spain the ideal climatic conditions. We think these are much more environmentally friendly than the Californian variety.

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